• Sun Salutations 

    In vinyasa yoga, sun salutation is a series of poses and its purpose is to create a flow of movement, link poses with breathing and  build heat in the body. 
    In our Friday class at Shaftesbury Hall, we start by gentle warm up/strengthening followed by a series of sun salutations which include heart, shoulder and hip openers. The goal is to add mobility and strength to our bodies, connect with our breathing, and hopefully leave a bit more grounded and calm. 
    Contact me (julia@yogaboundsgreen.co.uk) if you’d like to join the class every Friday in Bounds Green / Bowes Park, everyone is welcome!
  • Friday evening yoga class in Bounds Green

    Thank you everyone who came to practice last Friday. If you haven’t been yet, join our Friday evening slow vinyasa practice at our beautiful Shaftesbury Hall in Bounds Green (next to Bowes Park overground station). Beginners are welcome!
    In vinyasa yoga classes, we are linking breath with movement so the practice flows (vinyasa is sometimes called flow yoga). If you want to wrap up your week with an hour of gentle movement and breathing, postures that will release the tension in your fascia, open your hips and shoulders – then join us on Friday evenings!
    Please contact me in advance to reserve a spot :